Tuesdays at Tesco’s


Coming to 59E59 Theaters New York from May 14th to June 7th 2015


"A tour de force."


"A profoundly moving performance that pierces the heart."

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

"A wistful exploration of acceptance and identity."

London Evening Standard


> Starring - Simon Callow

> By - Emmanuel Darley

> Adapted and translated by - Matthew Hurt & Sarah Vermande

> Directed by - Simon Stokes

> Designed by - Robin Don

> With - Conor Mitchell

Every Tuesday, Pauline visits her elderly father to do household chores and take him to the supermarket. Desperate to connect with her father between the aisles and in line for the checkout, Pauline is met with gruff disrespect and embarrassment. For her father much preferred things when his daughter used to be his son, Paul.

A moving and uplifting story of love and death, starring Simon Callow, one of Britain’s greatest actors with a remarkable career that spans Amadeus, A Room with a View, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Shakespeare in Love.

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